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We fuel business internet marketing.

Is your company struggling to generate new business? Do you find there’s no time to promote your services around existing clients? Or simply don’t know where to start?

If so, you’re not alone! Many businesses lack the resources they need to effectively market themselves.  That is why they turn to Social Alchemy; we provide the expertise they need to fuel their online marketing.

At Social Alchemy, we provide marketing consultation and project management to creative service providers; everything from straightforward marketing advice, to reviewing and improvement strategy, website analyitcs, and social media management.

Marketing Consultant: Michaela Laubscher


We provide a variety of services to improve your business marketing. Here are a few:

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About Us

Marketing creative services since 2008.

All businesses have their beginnings and ours started a little before the launch of Fuelled by Social Alchemy.

In 2007, Michaela (Director, Marketing Consultant) began promoting her freelance photographer services, using the internet to build an audience and inadvertently becoming an early adopter of Twitter and WordPress.  A year or so later she started to apply her knowledge to promote a London illustration agency (where she worked at the time), promoting artists and their latest advertising work.  Her work quickly expanded from social media into the world of email marketing and creative project management.

Soon after, other creative suppliers began to approach Michaela for advice on their marketing.  In 2010 – after relocating to Leeds – Fuelled by Social Alchemy was established as a marketing consultancy to help these businesses communicate more effectively on the internet.

Moving forward to 2014, the internet landscape has changed dramatically and we’ve become more tactical in our approach.  Over the years, we have offered a variety of advice and management services to businesses looking to market themselves effectively on the internet.  Our own business knowledge has helped to enhance our offering and we see marketing as an integrated part of a successful business.

And photography? Well, we still do a little bit of that too. It’s one of the services we’ve added to our new brand, Stencil Digital.


These are a few of the businesses we've helped:

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